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  October 04, 2022


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We are committed to the promotion and distribution of quality educational music and associated materials. We recognize the importance of music as an educational tool and strive to create songs that will educate and enhance the lives of children and families.

At Archangel Music we provide a broad range of services to the education and music communities.

Our goal is;

  • to provide curriculum based music and related materials for teachers to use in the classroom
  • to produce quality music for distribution
  • to provide recording facilities to musicians at an affordable rate
  • to provide lyrical and musical composition for television and radio

We are versatile and flexible and are able to meet many challenges.

Barb McIlquham of Archangel Music is the recipient of the following awards;

  • E.T.F.O (Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario) Multimedia Award 2001
  • Curriculum Foundation (a division of Curriculum Services Canada)- for musical accomplishments 2001
  • Elvina St. Jacques Memorial Grant for December Holiday Music from Curriculum Services Canada 2003/2004